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Residential Developments
(Townhouses, Dual Occupancy Developments Land Subdivisions)


We have a wide range of experience in the creation and design of Residential Developments in both Victoria and New South Wales, particularly in Albury and Wodonga, however we have worked in a number of councils in the Victorian North East including; Indigo Shire, Alpine Shire and Moira Shire as well as Greater Hume and Federation Shire councils in New South Wales.

Jason can work with you to create your development from scratch, or if you have a development and simply need your application prepared and lodged with Council then Jason can assist there as well.

  • Granny Flats
  • Primary and Secondary Dwellings (NSW)
  • Dual Occupancy Devleopments
  • Townhouse Developments
  • Community Title Developments
  • Residential Land Subdivisions

In addition to the services above we also offer a number of reporting services useful to the prorperty industry.

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Reports: we are fully insured and to undertake BAL assessments for new construction in Victoria.  To correctly complete a BAL report a site visit is a must and appropriate photographs must be taken on site and included with the report.  Within 50km of wodonga we will undertake the necessary site visit and prepare a compliant BAL report for use by you or your builder for just $220 inc GST.  Reports located within this area will be completed within 72hrs from when you request them.

Residential Development Feasibility Reports: We can prepare a feasibility report for you anywhere with sufficient time and resources, however, if your potential project is located with the Albury or Wodonga LGA and you're looking to develop up to 3 dwellings on a residential site, we can do it quickly and affordably.  We can prepare a feasibility report for you, using past completed projects as a basis for the costs allocated, this will generally take no more than a week, perhaps longer if design concepts are required and cost between $500 to around $1,000, again depending on whether design work is required for the feasibility.